A sinistra quadro di
Richard Mauri.
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Richard Mauri Painting
L'invenzione del pianoforte di Bartolomeo Cristofori.

Scritti dal passato
di Gregory Burney

Giornale de letterati d' Italia
Journal of the Italian scholar
Fifth volume 1711.
Under the protection of the Most Serene Prince of Tuscany.
In the value of an invention is to be measured by its novelty and its difficulty, then that which we wish to present here is certainly not inferior to any other that we have seen for a long time.
As is known to anyone who enjoys music, one of the principal sources from which the expert in this art draw the secret of providing singular pleasure to their listeners is the "piano"and the "forte", or that
is the proposal and the response, or when with artificial diminuation the voice softens only to begin again suddenly and forcefully. This artifice is frequently employed; in grand concerts in Rome it is used marvelously to the great enjoyment of he who takes pleasure in the perfection of this art. Now in this diversity and alteration of the voice, in which string instruments are among the most excellent, the harpsichord is completely lacking. One to whom is reputed the proposition of building a harpsichord with this quality would be considered to have a completely futile imagination. Just such a daring invention
has been not unhappily conceived and constructed in Florence by Sig. Bartolomeo Cristofali, from Padua, harpsichordist in the employ of the Most Serene Prince of Tuscany. He has, to this date built three instruments the same size as ordinary harpsichords and they have all come out perfectly. The ability to produce greater or lesser sound with these instruments depends on the differing strengths with which the player presses the keys, and through which control one can succeed in hearing not only the loud and soft, but also the gradual diminuation and diversity of the voice, as in a violoncello. Certain professors have not
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